Lake Powell October 2011

Click for movie of Camp 2 site

Click for movie of return trip (15 Min)

GPS track from bullfrog boat ramp to Hanson Canyon.

View from the drive south near Hanksville.

A view of the landing rock and side canyon.

Looking East from the Lay-z-Daze into side canyon.

Looking SW back toward the channel in Hanson Canyon.

Looking NE into the larger of the two side canyons.

Blue Mesa Aug/Sep 2011

Blue Mesa 2010

Blue Mesa 2010

First camp Aug 2011 - looking East

Evening reflections

Rock outcropping

Wookie's rock offshore.

Same camp 3 weeks later. The water had dropped about 4'.

Looking back at Wookie's rock

Dog on the warning marker rock.

Wookie loves to climb.

Getting comfortable with the foredeck.

Second camp at Blue Mesa.

A view of the anchoring at second camp.


Heron Lake 2006